The New Plan and Life Is Beautiful Sign

I think my last post was about how on top of things I was for the new year. . . and it’s almost June!!!  It seems that when I make a plan that is just about the time that God throws a curveball and life gets turned upside down.  Don’t get me wrong, the “curveball” was a great one and has set us on a completely crazy, fun, exciting, and oh so very different path then we were on before.  The first huge change is that we sold the ranch so moving was in order!  The second huge change is that we decided to go “on the road” and travel in an RV for awhile before we decide where we are supposed to land next.  Don’t worry though, I have lots of great projects, thrifting, junkin, and home decor posts planned!  First projects planned are going to be getting the RV looking and feeling a little more like home.  This means some sewing, painting, pillows, and more!

I thought for the kickoff of Home Decor RV style I would share this picture frame sign I made some time ago.  It fully encompassed the experience we are having on the road and fit perfectly in with the changes I want to make in the RV!

Life is Beautiful Sign

This is a really simple project and only took about an hour.  I found this 3 photo picture frame at the thrift store.  It seemed pretty beat up so I was planning on painting it, but after cleaning it with a magic eraser sponge it looked good as new.  Next, I picked out the scrapbook paper that I wanted to use in each of the three picture spaces.


If you have a fancy printer you might be able to feed your scrapbook paper directly through your printer.  My scrapbook cardstock paper wouldn’t fit through my printer so I simply printed the words on plain printer paper.

Life is Beautiful Sign

Then I used carbon paper to trace the words from my printer paper onto the scrapbook cardstock.

Life is Beautiful Sign

I used a paint pen to paint the traced words onto the scrapbook cardstock.

Life is Beautiful Sign

And I positioned them in the frame to finish it up!

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I used 3M two sided photo frame hangers to hang this in the RV.  In the house I probably would have used two sets, but since it is going to get knocked around more in the RV I used 4 sets.

I can’t wait to share more of my projects with you as I get the new RV feeling more like home.  I have some exciting plans for the blog as we are traveling so stay tuned for those as well.

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