Simple Outdoor Cushion and Bandanna Pillow Tutorials

Simple Outdoor Cushions

One of the main projects for my front porch was to create some simple and inexpensive cushions for my outdoor furniture.  I was in serious need of new cushions!  However, I wasn’t really wanting to spend much (since I have a tendency to leave them out all year long), and I wanted something that would transition well with my decor throughout the year.  Lately, I have had a slight addiction with using painting canvas to make things, and I decided why not continue this addiction with my outdoor cushions.  Once I got these done, I needed some cute late summer toss pillows to add color so I made these SUPER simple bandanna pillows as well. . . seriously, I don’t think there was ever an easier sewing project!

Here it goes:

Simple Outdoor Cushions

First, what you need:

  • Painter’s drop cloth (you can find these at pretty much any hardware store or super store. . . Our local Harbor Freight was the least expensive).
  • Tissue paper and Scotch Tape
  • Something to measure with (Sewer’s tape, yard stick, measuring tape)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Your choice of stuffing – I used Polyfill

Simple Outdoor Cushions

The canvas drop cloth has a seamed edge around it that I cut off and saved.  We will be using this for our tie strings.  They do string and run some, but it added a shabby feel to the cushions which I liked.  You could sew clean tie strings or use ribbon, rope, or twine if you don’t like the shabby fringe look.

Simple Outdoor Cushions

Next, I measured my chairs for my cushion dimensions.  I added 3″ to each measurement for room for stuffing.  For example, my bottom cushion on my chairs was 19″X21″ so I cut my tissue paper pattern out at 22″X24″.  I created patterns with tissue paper and tape since I had several chairs to do.  If your tissue paper is wrinkly you can iron it so you have a clean flat pattern.  Then I pinned and cut out two pieces of canvas for each cushion.

Simple Outdoor Cushions

After I cut out the fabric, I pinned the fabric together for sewing and pinned in place two 8″ pieces of the tie pieces we cut out earlier on each of the back sides of the bottom cushions.  I created loops for my top cushions since my chairs have a top piece that sticks out for a loop to go around (see below).

String Locations

Simple Outdoor Cushions

Then I sewed around the edge leaving a small opening at the back of the cushions and then flipped them right side out.

Simple Outdoor Cushions

Then stuff!  I actually wish I would have stuffed mine more, but I was too lazy to run to the store for more stuffing so I had to ration what I had between the cushions.  Then finish your cushions by sewing up the stuffing opening.  Fold the rough edges in (pin if you want) and top sew the opening.

That’s it for the cushions!  Now onto the Bandanna Pillows.

Bandanna Toss Pillow Tutorial

Here’s what I did:

  1. Buy two bandannas
  2. Sew around the dotted line leaving an opening at the bottom
  3. Stuff
  4. Sew up the opening

You’ll notice I didn’t turn the pillow inside or right side out before I stuffed.  This is because I wanted to have a “ruffle” on my pillows so I utilized the bandannas already finished edges to create this edging on the pillows.  You can also sew along the edge and then flip them right side out before stuffing to have a clean edge.

Wham Bam and your done!  This is how mine turned out. . .

Simple Outdoor Cushions

Simple Outdoor Cushions

Simple Outdoor Cushions

Simple Outdoor Cushions

So simple and inexpensive and it made such a huge difference on my front porch.  Here is the before and after post of my front porch revamp.

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5 Simple Steps to Refresh the Front Porch

Hello!  Thanks checking out my front porch makeover.  Join me on Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with my latest projects!

Front Porch Refresh

My front porch has been a project that I have wanted to tackle for quite a while.  It was easy to ignore through the winter, and I knew that part of the transformation I wanted to do was paint my doors a new color.  Trying to decide which color to paint was a huge can of worms that I couldn’t quite get a handle on.  Red was at the top of the list because it went well with the fresh exterior house color, and it is very flexible through the seasons.  However, there were so many other colors that I LOVED too, and I just couldn’t make a decision.  Sooooo, I completely ignored my front porch. . . no decorations, no cushions, just walked by and didn’t pay attention to it at all.

Front Porch Refres

This is what I looked at for months, and this was actually after I had started to plant the flowers in spring and hung that sad wreath on the door.  Pretty blah huh!  The doors had a fresh and clean coat of white paint from the whole house paint project, but because of the location of the doors (kind of in a corner) the white didn’t make the doors stand out at all.  There was no WOW, and it was not very welcoming either.  On top of that my old chair cushions were in desperate need of retirement, but my indecisiveness was plaguing me on those as well.

Finally summer came, and I couldn’t ignore the front porch anymore!

Front Porch RefreshThe things I did for my front porch transformation were all very simple projects with big results.  This is the list of projects I completed for the makeover:

1.  Paint the front doors.  I FINALLY decided on Sherwin Williams Salute Exterior paint with a brown glaze over the top.  I really wanted a bright color that made the entry stand out and scream “This is the Entry,” since it isn’t very obvious because of the layout of the house.  I also wanted a color that would allow me to easily transition through the seasons and holidays.

Front Porch Refresh2.  Add color and texture with wreaths.  I made these canvas and burlap wreaths for the front doors.  You can check out the tutorial here.

Front Porch Makeover3.  New chair cushions!  I decided to make new cushions for my chairs.  I wanted something inexpensive so I wouldn’t feel bad leaving them out all year and something that would again be very easy to transition through seasons.  Check out the tutorial for making these here.

Front Porch Refresh4.  Add some splashes of color with these cute toss pillows.  These adorable toss pillows are made out of bandannas.  So cute, so easy, and so inexpensive.  Here’s the tutorial.

Front Porch Refresh5.  Flowers, Furniture, and Decor.  Planting flowers is always a great way to add curb appeal to your home, as well as adding a few accessories.

Front Porch RefreshTa-dah!!!  I’m so excited to have a fresh, bright, and welcoming front porch.

Thanks so much for stopping by!