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Today I completed an adorable lampshade makeover.  I found this cute lamp at a thrift store awhile back and it fits perfect on my desk.  The lampshade left quite a bit to be desired however, so after looking for a new lampshade without success I decided to bring the old one back to life.

Finished Upcycled LampshadeI wanted to add a springy splash of color so I decided to go with a bright trim.  Under the definition for eclectic in the dictionary should be a picture of my office.  I can’t really settle on one style and half the time it’s a mess with 8 different projects I’m working on.  So this lamp fits perfect!  Really I just needed some extra light and I was sick of looking at the old shade.

Lampshade BeforeI would have been fine with the old lampshade in it’s prime, but it had some dings and scratches and just looked a little tired.

Supplies ListWhat you will need

  • 1/2 yard of fabric (This is obviously going to depend on the size of your lampshade.  I would recommend getting enough to have quite of bit of extra on the top and bottom as your adding the lining to your shade.  Also, due to the dents and scratches on the inside of my lampshade I decided to re-line both inside and outside.  I lined the inside with a linen canvas, and the outside with a patterned fabric remnant I had.)
  • 3 yards of extra wide double fold bias tape in your choice of color
  • Fabric glue
  • Foam paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Lining Inside

You are going to start out by adding the lining.  I did this in sections.  As I said earlier I decided to line both the inside and outside of my shade, but if you are just lining the outside the steps for the outside are the same as the inside.  First, squeeze fabric glue all over your first section.

Spreading the GlueNext, take your foam brush and smooth out the fabric glue so you don’t have big globs in certain spots and no glue in other spots.  Lay your fabric down on the glued area and smooth  it out.  Be sure to pull it tight and get rid of any air bubbles.  Most fabric glues don’t dry super fast so if you need to pull it up and re-lay it you can.

FInishing the Inside LiningContinue section by section until your entire shade is covered.

Trimming the LiningThen trim the excess fabric from the top and bottom.

Outside LiningFollow the same steps to line the outside of the shade.

Finishing Outside LiningTrim and glue your seam line.  I tried it two different ways.  On the inside I folded the fabric in to create my seam line which did not turn out very well for me.  It was pretty bulky.  So on the outside I made sure to cut the fabric very straight and then I glued it down with fabric glue.  I used extra glue just under the flap so I could push the glue out toward the edge to get a really good seal on the edge of the fabric.

Fully LinesNow it’s time to add the top and bottom trim.

Adding TrimI began by hot gluing the center of the bias tape to the top of the shade and leaving the sides loose.  This way I could get it attached and keep it as straight as possible.

Halfway TrimmedThis is how it looked when I hot glued the top without gluing the sides.

Finishing TrimAfter it’s completely attached on top, I went back and glued down the bias tape on the inside of my shade.  I ended up not gluing the outside (front) of the bias tape because once I glued the inside it was pulled pretty taught.

Finished Upcycled LampshadeThat’s it!!! Simple, right?

Upcycled Lampshade ChicComplete Upcycled LampshadeThanks for stopping by!

Please pin and share with your friends, and as always I would love to see your lampshade makeovers.




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