Glitter Christmas Ornaments without the Mess

Complete 4 altI found these adorable Christmas ornaments at the dollar store, and I am incorporating them into my mantle display this year.  The glitter brought a little glam to my rustic chic mantle, however there is one problem with glitter decorations. . . the mess.  It never fails that you are constantly cleaning up glitter that has fallen off the ornaments throughout the season, plus after a year or two enough glitter has fallen off that the ornaments no longer look cute and glitzy but just plain shabby.  I had an idea to keep the mess down as well as extend the life of these adorable ornaments.

Complete 1You will need:

  • Glitter ornaments (or really any glitter covered decorations)
  • Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Durable Gloss Finish Decoupage (be sure you get gloss finish or your glitter will no longer be shiny)
  • Foam brush

Complete 2Sponge on the decoupage all over the first side of the ornaments.

Complete 3Wait 1-2 hours or until your first side is dry, and sponge the other side of your ornaments.  I found that sponging or dabbing worked better than brushing because the glitter stayed in place better.

Complete 4 altPresto!  You’re Done!  Now you are free to decorate with these adorable ornaments without worrying about the mess!  This also significantly increased the life of my ornaments as they were already losing enough glitter before I did this that they would have looked ugly before any time at all.

Complete 5In years past I have used glitter ornaments like these as present toppers as well.  Again, my complaint with them was the constant glitter mess, but now I think I will incorporate a few of these on top of gifts too.

Complete 6

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