Charis Ranch Dresser Reveal

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It’s been so long since I posted any projects!  I guess I’ve been really busy, but mostly I just haven’t had the motivation to do the things required of posting a project (ie. edit photos, write something that other people can understand, etc.).  Actually, now that I write it out there were not as many hurdles as there seemed to be in my head.  This is why I like lists so much. . .  the list in my head is always way more overwhelming than when I write it down.

Anyhoo. . .

a couple weeks ago I shared a before photo on Facebook of a sad dresser that I was going to makeover as a fundraiser for Charis Youth Ranch.  This is a wonderful organization with fabulous volunteers that rescue and rehabilitate horses to use in their youth program for at risk kids and teens.  It is truly amazing to see the unique relationships that form between the kids and the horses.  Actually as an adult, horses are very therapeutic as well.  It’s true, try to be in a bad mood when around those gentle giants.

Okay, back on track.  So, today I am going to share the finished dresser, as well as a brief (for me) description of the transformation.

Here is the sad before pic.  It just looks unhappy.

Before Photo of Sad Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

First, I sanded.  It was actually one the easiest pieces I’ve sanded because it was so old the finish was pretty well worn off.  Sitting on my screened patio for most of the winter and summer probably helped with wearing the finish off as well.  In normal circumstances, I don’t recommend leaving your furniture exposed to the weather to remove the finish coat (laugh, frown, sigh).

After Sanding of Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

Next, I stained it using Minwax Dark Walnut.  I put two coats of stain on with a foam brush and then wiped and allowed to dry between coats.

Staining Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

I really wanted to leave the top stained and the base painted, but I was worried that the top was too damaged to be able to leave.  Once I got it stained though the top looked really good so I went ahead and left it dark walnut.  I painted the base with an off white Sherwin Williams sample that I got on sale in their mis-tint section at Lowe’s.  I always check this section when I am at the store because a lot of times you can find really great colors for an inexpensive price.  Not that the sample prices are breaking the bank, but I am a bit of a paint hoarder so every little bit helps.

To get the worn vintage look, I used old t-shirt rags and rubbed the paint on.  I started with quite a bit of paint to cover the section that I was working on.  Then I continued to rub away the excess paint and then rub hard to work the paint into the piece.  This technique takes a lot of rubbing and it’s useful to cut your old t-shirt into several pieces so you can use one piece for putting the paint on and then one piece to really rub the paint in once you have the excess removed.  Try a sample on a scrap piece of wood or the back of the piece to get your technique down.

Once my paint was dry, I put a clear coat of wax on the entire piece.

Last, I installed the new hardware.  I purchased these at Hobby Lobby.  Of course, I could not find hardware that matched the holes that were already in the drawers, so I had to create a template to get perfect holes for installing the new hardware.  I will do a separate post with my instructions for creating a template like this one.  I swear, in the pie chart of my life there is going to be a pie slice representing the amount of time I spent shopping for hardware to match my already existing holes.

Dresser Knob Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

And finally, it’s complete!  I really loved this piece.  I didn’t want it to go.  I definitely contemplated asking if anyone would like to donate to the “Andrea really wants to keep this dresser, so here is a donation in it’s place” fund.  But, alas, it was meant to help a great cause and bring in some funds to feed and house those adorable horses.

Reveal of Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

Isn’t is pretty???  I didn’t even take it in my house for fear I would never let it go.  Well, and I was the only one home the day I finished it and that sucker was heavy!!!  I barely got it moved to a place that I could get a decent picture of it.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by how beautiful the weather looks outside.  The wind was blowing really hard while I was trying to get these pictures and blew EVERYTHING off the dresser several times.  Luckily, the only thing that broke was the tops of my pumpkins which were easily repaired with the hot glue gun.

Reveal Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

Take in the beauty!!!

Before and After of Charis Youth Ranch DresserIf you would like to learn more about all the wonderful work that Charis Youth Ranch does for the kids and horses check out their website here.

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