The New Plan and Life Is Beautiful Sign

I think my last post was about how on top of things I was for the new year. . . and it’s almost June!!!  It seems that when I make a plan that is just about the time that God throws a curveball and life gets turned upside down.  Don’t get me wrong, the “curveball” was a great one and has set us on a completely crazy, fun, exciting, and oh so very different path then we were on before.  The first huge change is that we sold the ranch so moving was in order!  The second huge change is that we decided to go “on the road” and travel in an RV for awhile before we decide where we are supposed to land next.  Don’t worry though, I have lots of great projects, thrifting, junkin, and home decor posts planned!  First projects planned are going to be getting the RV looking and feeling a little more like home.  This means some sewing, painting, pillows, and more!

I thought for the kickoff of Home Decor RV style I would share this picture frame sign I made some time ago.  It fully encompassed the experience we are having on the road and fit perfectly in with the changes I want to make in the RV!

Life is Beautiful Sign

This is a really simple project and only took about an hour.  I found this 3 photo picture frame at the thrift store.  It seemed pretty beat up so I was planning on painting it, but after cleaning it with a magic eraser sponge it looked good as new.  Next, I picked out the scrapbook paper that I wanted to use in each of the three picture spaces.


If you have a fancy printer you might be able to feed your scrapbook paper directly through your printer.  My scrapbook cardstock paper wouldn’t fit through my printer so I simply printed the words on plain printer paper.

Life is Beautiful Sign

Then I used carbon paper to trace the words from my printer paper onto the scrapbook cardstock.

Life is Beautiful Sign

I used a paint pen to paint the traced words onto the scrapbook cardstock.

Life is Beautiful Sign

And I positioned them in the frame to finish it up!

Blog Logo


I used 3M two sided photo frame hangers to hang this in the RV.  In the house I probably would have used two sets, but since it is going to get knocked around more in the RV I used 4 sets.

I can’t wait to share more of my projects with you as I get the new RV feeling more like home.  I have some exciting plans for the blog as we are traveling so stay tuned for those as well.

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Charis Ranch Dresser Reveal

Hi Everyone!

It’s been so long since I posted any projects!  I guess I’ve been really busy, but mostly I just haven’t had the motivation to do the things required of posting a project (ie. edit photos, write something that other people can understand, etc.).  Actually, now that I write it out there were not as many hurdles as there seemed to be in my head.  This is why I like lists so much. . .  the list in my head is always way more overwhelming than when I write it down.

Anyhoo. . .

a couple weeks ago I shared a before photo on Facebook of a sad dresser that I was going to makeover as a fundraiser for Charis Youth Ranch.  This is a wonderful organization with fabulous volunteers that rescue and rehabilitate horses to use in their youth program for at risk kids and teens.  It is truly amazing to see the unique relationships that form between the kids and the horses.  Actually as an adult, horses are very therapeutic as well.  It’s true, try to be in a bad mood when around those gentle giants.

Okay, back on track.  So, today I am going to share the finished dresser, as well as a brief (for me) description of the transformation.

Here is the sad before pic.  It just looks unhappy.

Before Photo of Sad Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

First, I sanded.  It was actually one the easiest pieces I’ve sanded because it was so old the finish was pretty well worn off.  Sitting on my screened patio for most of the winter and summer probably helped with wearing the finish off as well.  In normal circumstances, I don’t recommend leaving your furniture exposed to the weather to remove the finish coat (laugh, frown, sigh).

After Sanding of Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

Next, I stained it using Minwax Dark Walnut.  I put two coats of stain on with a foam brush and then wiped and allowed to dry between coats.

Staining Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

I really wanted to leave the top stained and the base painted, but I was worried that the top was too damaged to be able to leave.  Once I got it stained though the top looked really good so I went ahead and left it dark walnut.  I painted the base with an off white Sherwin Williams sample that I got on sale in their mis-tint section at Lowe’s.  I always check this section when I am at the store because a lot of times you can find really great colors for an inexpensive price.  Not that the sample prices are breaking the bank, but I am a bit of a paint hoarder so every little bit helps.

To get the worn vintage look, I used old t-shirt rags and rubbed the paint on.  I started with quite a bit of paint to cover the section that I was working on.  Then I continued to rub away the excess paint and then rub hard to work the paint into the piece.  This technique takes a lot of rubbing and it’s useful to cut your old t-shirt into several pieces so you can use one piece for putting the paint on and then one piece to really rub the paint in once you have the excess removed.  Try a sample on a scrap piece of wood or the back of the piece to get your technique down.

Once my paint was dry, I put a clear coat of wax on the entire piece.

Last, I installed the new hardware.  I purchased these at Hobby Lobby.  Of course, I could not find hardware that matched the holes that were already in the drawers, so I had to create a template to get perfect holes for installing the new hardware.  I will do a separate post with my instructions for creating a template like this one.  I swear, in the pie chart of my life there is going to be a pie slice representing the amount of time I spent shopping for hardware to match my already existing holes.

Dresser Knob Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

And finally, it’s complete!  I really loved this piece.  I didn’t want it to go.  I definitely contemplated asking if anyone would like to donate to the “Andrea really wants to keep this dresser, so here is a donation in it’s place” fund.  But, alas, it was meant to help a great cause and bring in some funds to feed and house those adorable horses.

Reveal of Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

Isn’t is pretty???  I didn’t even take it in my house for fear I would never let it go.  Well, and I was the only one home the day I finished it and that sucker was heavy!!!  I barely got it moved to a place that I could get a decent picture of it.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by how beautiful the weather looks outside.  The wind was blowing really hard while I was trying to get these pictures and blew EVERYTHING off the dresser several times.  Luckily, the only thing that broke was the tops of my pumpkins which were easily repaired with the hot glue gun.

Reveal Charis Youth Ranch Dresser

Take in the beauty!!!

Before and After of Charis Youth Ranch DresserIf you would like to learn more about all the wonderful work that Charis Youth Ranch does for the kids and horses check out their website here.

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Lampshade Upcycle


Today I completed an adorable lampshade makeover.  I found this cute lamp at a thrift store awhile back and it fits perfect on my desk.  The lampshade left quite a bit to be desired however, so after looking for a new lampshade without success I decided to bring the old one back to life.

Finished Upcycled LampshadeI wanted to add a springy splash of color so I decided to go with a bright trim.  Under the definition for eclectic in the dictionary should be a picture of my office.  I can’t really settle on one style and half the time it’s a mess with 8 different projects I’m working on.  So this lamp fits perfect!  Really I just needed some extra light and I was sick of looking at the old shade.

Lampshade BeforeI would have been fine with the old lampshade in it’s prime, but it had some dings and scratches and just looked a little tired.

Supplies ListWhat you will need

  • 1/2 yard of fabric (This is obviously going to depend on the size of your lampshade.  I would recommend getting enough to have quite of bit of extra on the top and bottom as your adding the lining to your shade.  Also, due to the dents and scratches on the inside of my lampshade I decided to re-line both inside and outside.  I lined the inside with a linen canvas, and the outside with a patterned fabric remnant I had.)
  • 3 yards of extra wide double fold bias tape in your choice of color
  • Fabric glue
  • Foam paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Lining Inside

You are going to start out by adding the lining.  I did this in sections.  As I said earlier I decided to line both the inside and outside of my shade, but if you are just lining the outside the steps for the outside are the same as the inside.  First, squeeze fabric glue all over your first section.

Spreading the GlueNext, take your foam brush and smooth out the fabric glue so you don’t have big globs in certain spots and no glue in other spots.  Lay your fabric down on the glued area and smooth  it out.  Be sure to pull it tight and get rid of any air bubbles.  Most fabric glues don’t dry super fast so if you need to pull it up and re-lay it you can.

FInishing the Inside LiningContinue section by section until your entire shade is covered.

Trimming the LiningThen trim the excess fabric from the top and bottom.

Outside LiningFollow the same steps to line the outside of the shade.

Finishing Outside LiningTrim and glue your seam line.  I tried it two different ways.  On the inside I folded the fabric in to create my seam line which did not turn out very well for me.  It was pretty bulky.  So on the outside I made sure to cut the fabric very straight and then I glued it down with fabric glue.  I used extra glue just under the flap so I could push the glue out toward the edge to get a really good seal on the edge of the fabric.

Fully LinesNow it’s time to add the top and bottom trim.

Adding TrimI began by hot gluing the center of the bias tape to the top of the shade and leaving the sides loose.  This way I could get it attached and keep it as straight as possible.

Halfway TrimmedThis is how it looked when I hot glued the top without gluing the sides.

Finishing TrimAfter it’s completely attached on top, I went back and glued down the bias tape on the inside of my shade.  I ended up not gluing the outside (front) of the bias tape because once I glued the inside it was pulled pretty taught.

Finished Upcycled LampshadeThat’s it!!! Simple, right?

Upcycled Lampshade ChicComplete Upcycled LampshadeThanks for stopping by!

Please pin and share with your friends, and as always I would love to see your lampshade makeovers.




Give old lampshades a makeover

Red Desk Re-Do

Red Desk Re-DoI have had this desk in my garage for months to up-cycle, but I am just finally getting around to it.  Part of my problem was that I was having trouble coming up with an inspiration for it.  Lately however, I have had a serious obsession with painting everything red.  Since this desk had some nice details in the legs and sides of the drawers, I thought red with a glaze would be a great way to bring out the detail.  Here are my basic steps for this re-do.  I plan on doing more in depth tutorials on each step with upcoming furniture projects, but this one was such a transformation that I wanted to share.

Red Desk Re-DoFirst, I started out by doing a little sanding.  This desk didn’t need much because of the previous paint finish and I was using a chalk paint blend, but I still like to give the surface a little roughing up  and this had some paint spills and permanent marker on it that I wanted to sand a little more.

Red Desk Re-DoNext, I painted!  I used Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Colonial Red Latex Paint which I mixed with a chalk paint medium.  I have a few different methods for creating chalk paint, but this time I mixed about 2-4 TBSP of Calcium Carbonate with 2-4 TBSP of warm water, then I added it to 1-2 cups of the paint.  Being true to myself, I don’t follow exact directions for anything, so I like to mess around with this recipe to see the different finishes I can get.

I hand brushed this desk, and it took about 3 coats to get really good coverage.  There was a lot of “art” to cover up on this desk from the previous owner.  If I didn’t have all the writing and drawing, or if I had sanded more I could have probably left it at two coats.  Since I was doing several other projects at the same time I left it for several hours between coats, but it probably would have been sufficient with an hour between coats.

After all coats of the red paint were dry (I left it over night),  I added a glaze.  I used Rustoleum Glaze that I had left over from refinishing my cabinets, but you can easily make a glaze by purchasing a glazing medium and mixing it 1 to 1 with the paint color you would like.  The glaze I used was a deep brown.

Next I added a polyurethane top coat.  I like Min-Wax Fast Drying Polyurethane in clear satin.

Last, I added my new drawer hardware and put it together.  I think the finished product turned out beautiful.  Who would have thought such a beat up old desk could transform into such a unique piece!

Red Desk Re-DoI would love for you to pin and share with your friends.

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Red Desk Re-Do

Turn Old Popcorn Tins into Stylish Lined Baskets

20 Complete

I have problems with getting rid of things that seem to still have a useful life, especially containers or boxes that could be used for organizing or storage.  For years I have had a couple Christmas popcorn tins that I have used for storing my knitting supplies in. The problem with these are except for the one month of the year when they go along with the rest of the holiday decorations, they have to be hidden behind things or in closets.  I wanted to give these a face-lift so that I could use them year round and in plain sight.

18 Plain Complete

I wanted to give them the feel of a basket, and I love baskets with fabric lining so this was my inspiration for this project.  I think they turned out adorable, and will definitely be a cute addition to my home decor.

Collage Complete

I have already seen a ton of these Christmas popcorn tins in stores recently with yummy popcorn flavors, but I also always see them at thrift stores.

1 Complete

Here are the two I decided to give a makeover.

2 Complete

Things you will need:

  • Christmas tin(s)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Rope – My large basket used 2 – 50′ rolls of rope and my small basket used just under 1 – 50′ roll
  • Fabric of choice – I had scrap fabric, but 1 yard would be plenty for the larger size
  • Sewing Machine
  • Twine or ribbon of your choice for the drawstring
  • Iron and Ironing board
  • Safety Pin

3 Complete

First, with your glue gun, glue the rope to the tin in a circular pattern.  I found after I did the first one that it is better to start at the bottom since that will be showing, and if there is a little bit of a gap at the top it will be covered by the fabric liner.

4 Complete

Continue around until your tins are completely covered.  If you run out of one roll of rope in the middle just glue the end and start the next end right next to it.  It was easy to create a pretty seamless connection, and I couldn’t tell after I did it.

5 Complete 6 Complete

Once the rope portion is complete, you will begin the fabric liner.

7 Complete


You will need to get your measurements of your tins for cutting out your fabric.  I first measured the circumference of my tins and added 1″ to this measurement for hemming the sides.  My circumference measurement for the smaller basket (since this is the one I will show below for sewing) was 24″, so I cut my fabric 25″ wide.

8 Complete

Next, I measured the height of each of my tins and added 2.5″ for the drawstring and overlap on the top.  My measurement for the smaller basket was 9″, so I cut my fabric to 11.5″.

9 Complete

Above is a breakdown of the fabric measurements.  Since the round part will be hidden in the bottom of the tin and does not need to be perfect, I just set my tins on the fabric and traced a circle for the bottom.  It turned out pretty uneven with the rope, but I just corrected as I cut to make it a more perfect circle.

10 Complete 11 Complete

Next, iron and sew a 1/4″ hem on the short sides of the rectangle (side) lining fabric.  These are the two sides that are the height of your tin plus 2.5″.

12 Complete

After you hem the two sides, then you will want to iron and sew a 1/2″ overlap for the drawstring at the top of your basket.

13 Complete

Fold your side lining piece in half with the two hemmed edges meeting each other and the pretty side of your fabric facing in.  Sew up the side of the hemmed pieces to create a cylinder piece of fabric.  NOTE: BE SURE TO ONLY SEW TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR DRAWSTRING OVERLAP AT THE TOP OF YOUR SIDE LINING.  IF YOU SEW COMPLETELY TO THE TOP YOU WILL CLOSE THE GAPS FOR STRINGING THE DRAWSTRING.

14 Complete

Next, pin and sew the bottom circle to the bottom of the side lining piece.  Remember leave the pretty sides on the inside all facing each other.  I highly dislike sewing circles!  However, this was a great project for me in that it does not need to be perfect because this portion is going to be in the bottom of the tin.  Also, you are leaving it inside out so no worries about bulkiness or kinks when flipping it inside out.  I have some bad history with sewing bucket hats!

15 Complete

This is what you end up with for your inside lining.

16 Complete

After the lining is sewn, attach a safety pin to the end of your drawstring material.  I am in a twine faze so I used twine, but ribbon or fabric would be great as well.  I had to tie a knot in my twine for the safety pin to hold to.  Then slowly work your drawstring with the safety pin first through the top overlap of your lining.

17 Complete

Last, put your lining in your basket and tie your drawstring in a cute bow or knot.  And your upcycled popcorn tin is now an adorable basket.

18 Plain Complete

I can’t wait to use these around my house for handy yet stylish storage containers.  I am planning on using the large one in my Christmas mantle display which will be showcased next week.

20 Complete Collage CompletePlease let me know if you have any questions, and I would love to see everyone’s popcorn tin upcycle creations.

I would also love if you would pin and share with all your friends.

Thanks so much!