Red Desk Re-Do

Red Desk Re-DoI have had this desk in my garage for months to up-cycle, but I am just finally getting around to it.  Part of my problem was that I was having trouble coming up with an inspiration for it.  Lately however, I have had a serious obsession with painting everything red.  Since this desk had some nice details in the legs and sides of the drawers, I thought red with a glaze would be a great way to bring out the detail.  Here are my basic steps for this re-do.  I plan on doing more in depth tutorials on each step with upcoming furniture projects, but this one was such a transformation that I wanted to share.

Red Desk Re-DoFirst, I started out by doing a little sanding.  This desk didn’t need much because of the previous paint finish and I was using a chalk paint blend, but I still like to give the surface a little roughing up  and this had some paint spills and permanent marker on it that I wanted to sand a little more.

Red Desk Re-DoNext, I painted!  I used Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Colonial Red Latex Paint which I mixed with a chalk paint medium.  I have a few different methods for creating chalk paint, but this time I mixed about 2-4 TBSP of Calcium Carbonate with 2-4 TBSP of warm water, then I added it to 1-2 cups of the paint.  Being true to myself, I don’t follow exact directions for anything, so I like to mess around with this recipe to see the different finishes I can get.

I hand brushed this desk, and it took about 3 coats to get really good coverage.  There was a lot of “art” to cover up on this desk from the previous owner.  If I didn’t have all the writing and drawing, or if I had sanded more I could have probably left it at two coats.  Since I was doing several other projects at the same time I left it for several hours between coats, but it probably would have been sufficient with an hour between coats.

After all coats of the red paint were dry (I left it over night),  I added a glaze.  I used Rustoleum Glaze that I had left over from refinishing my cabinets, but you can easily make a glaze by purchasing a glazing medium and mixing it 1 to 1 with the paint color you would like.  The glaze I used was a deep brown.

Next I added a polyurethane top coat.  I like Min-Wax Fast Drying Polyurethane in clear satin.

Last, I added my new drawer hardware and put it together.  I think the finished product turned out beautiful.  Who would have thought such a beat up old desk could transform into such a unique piece!

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Red Desk Re-Do