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Hello!  I’m Andrea.

First, I have to tell you that I have changed this “About Me” section about 8,752,262 times and it will probably change that many more times.  I don’t know why it is so difficult for me to settle on a particular little blurb about myself.  I tell you this because maybe the fact that I can’t settle on it is the best description of me.  I like change, and I have a tendency to overthink the lesser important things in life while I jump in feet first to the decisions that most people spend time making decisions about.  So changing this probably feeds a little of that need for me.  Anyhoo, along the lines of change, my life has taken many changes over the course of this blog so I’ll catch you up really quickly.

In 2012, I convinced (begged, negotiated, pleaded, manipulated. . . not below me) my husband (and my parents) to invest in a 57 horse ranch that was in need of some love.  After four years of painting, scrubbing, picking up, re-designing, and mucking a lot of horse poo. . . we sold it (bet you didn’t see that coming. . . please refer to prior reference to my need for change).  This past year we spent several months doing some traveling up the west coast because there is nothing you need more after revamping an entire ranch than a vacation.  We are currently in a hold-over period deciding what our next adventure will be. . . I’ll keep you posted.

What I feel is more important than a short paragraph of who I am (you’ll get plenty of me on the blog) is that you understand what I want this blog to be about.  Sure you will get crafty projects, diy, recipes, home décor ideas, but what I truly want this to be is a space that inspires.  A creative space to come to laugh, to be open minded, to welcome, to not judge, to be free to be yourself, to find time to do the things that are not that important in the grand scheme of things but make your heart happy, to make ordinary days extraordinary.

After the months we spent traveling, I went through a time of reflection which inspired me to transform my life (again not new to me with the change).  Due to this I have re-focused the blog to not only be about home décor, diy, cooking, sewing, etc., but I want to inspire you and to be inspired by you.  Not just creatively, but also in life.  I went far too long focusing on my career and other people’s dreams for me that I forgot to leave time for the things that make my heart happy.  I needed a change (are you seeing a pattern here?).  I had to find peace.  I needed to learn to live and be happy in the current moment.  I’m continuing to learn a new way to live and I hope I can help you find that too.  If I don’t inspire you to pull out your dusty sewing machine, or pick up a power tool, or try that baking thing, then I hope that I inspire you to find those things that make you truly happy and make time for them in everyday life.  I hope to connect with all of you so you can challenge me to try new things and to continue to find the things that most inspire me.

I am not a professional blogger, writer, designer, or master of life.  I like these things and therefore I am making more time for myself to do these things authentically.  No time schedule, no deadlines, no rules.  I am just a normal girl that likes to make things.  I love to rescue. . . animals, furniture, junk, probably humans, you name it.  There is beauty to me in things that others deem used up.  I am an introvert that needs creative time and home time to rejuvenate my soul, so I like home projects that make our home a place that I look forward to coming to.  Obviously, I love my family which includes an interesting cast of characters that you can learn more about below.  I LOVED (still do) the show I love Lucy growing up, and I feel a little bit of a kindred spirit with Lucy Ricardo because life is just not perfect, but it is about finding perfection in the messy, sad, beautiful, scary, hard, and happy!  She did this perfectly with some funny antics along the way.

I hope to inspire, to be inspired, and to connect with all of you as we navigate this crazy life!!!

The rest of the herd:


My Husband, aka let’s stick with the Lucy theme and go with Ricky, doesn’t like his photo taken. . . I mean you will never meet a person who likes to have his photo taken less.  Since I’ve been forbidden from putting his picture or name on the internet here is a cute rendition of us dancing.  Which is funny because I can’t dance (in public), and I had to download clip art of stick figures because I can’t draw either.

KameaKamea.  Also known as Stinky, Pete, Punky, May, Bub, Mama, and the list goes on.  She is my partner in crime and loves chasing rabbits and napping in the sun.


Palomino Jack.  He is my old man and my childhood horse.

Mrs. Missy.  She is the old lady at the rescue.  She is my foster fail and first official horse of my animal rescue.  She was originally rescued by my friends at Charis Ranch – A Sancuary for Kids and Horses and despite her past rough years, or maybe in spite of them, she has the most fun and cantankerous personality.


The Babies.  Moose and Lovelee were rescued from a bad situation at about 6 months of age.  They are young, fun, and keep life exciting.

Heathcliff and the Gang:

Okay, none of them are actually named Heathcliff, but at one point I did decide to start naming the barn cats after the cats in the show.  During the winter when we were at the ranch we would get several stray cats that hung out in our barn for warmth and food.  It reminded me of all the cats at the junk yard in the show.  I decided to name one of the stray cats that was hanging around the barn Cleo (from the show), however, I realized months later that Cleo was actually a Clive and I had probably given him some sort of cat identity disorder.  This gave me cause for concern that I should choose more gender neutral names so I wouldn’t have to invest in cat therapy, so after that I gave up on naming them from the Heathcliff show.  I already warned you that I have a tendency to worry about things normal people wouldn’t even think of and completely disregard things that should probably cause me concern.  Anyways, our resident rescue cats are:

LiloLilo.  July 2010 – June 2016.  She was “rescued” from another barn because despite their movie counterparts, Lilo and Stitch did not get along.  She is the Queen Bee of the barn and keeps the other cats in line.  Sadly, Lilo passed away in June of 2016.  She was the barn cat of barn cats and grew this dog lovers heart to love cats.  She ruled the roost, loved attention, would happily ride on your shoulder while you fed the horses, and loved, protected, and beat up Sly as only a sister can.  I will forever miss her and her antics.  As one of the volunteers at Charis Ranch stated, she is now in heaven riding around on Jesus’ shoulders as he tends to the heavenly horses.  I think she is also getting in some play time with our once in a lifetime Boxer dog Kekhoa who she loved here on earth before he crossed the rainbow bridge.

SlySly Buddy or Silvester.  He was one of our boarders cats and he and Lilo loved each other so much that he just stayed with us.  So, at our barn it was Lilo and Sly.  Since we moved from the ranch and Lilo’s passing, he went to live at Charis Ranch as a barn cat (cat rescuers know that it is hard to tame a barn cat to be an indoor cat) so we felt it best for him to live in a barn where there would be lots of human company because he likes both.  He has since become buddies with one of their other barn cats Smokey.  So, now it’s Sly and Smokey.

GarfieldGarfield.  I’ve learned that with a barn in the country cats seem to find you.  Especially when you feed them, which I do.  So Garfield showed up for the food, and stayed for the company.  He also follows Lilo around like a body guard which is pretty funny because he is about 3 times her size.  Sadly, a few months before we moved from the ranch Garfield stopped showing up.  I am hopeful that he found a new home with better food and company, but in living on the ranch I had to become more realistic about life in the wild for all the animals that make that their home.  I had big intentions of trying to catch him and relocate him to a new barn with us which gave me anxiety and guilt because I didn’t know if that was the right thing for him.  As a rescuer I want all animals to have a loving home of their own, but Garfield made it very clear to me that he chose his life in the wild.  He couldn’t be taught to come for dinner at a certain time (like the others who were easily trained), he came to an understanding with me that I was not going to hurt him, but he still kept a very safe distance from me.  After about 3 years of showing up on a semi consistent basis in our barn, we had a system, but he made the rules.  He was wild at heart and I fear that trying to tame that wild soul would have been worse for him than the life he lived in the wild.  The new owners at the ranch are animal lovers with a new set of barn cats, so if he is still out there I’m sure he will find his way to them and find a new queen bee to follow around.  If not, and he crossed the rainbow bridge then I hope he is running free with Lilo, Kekhoa, and the heavenly horses.

That’s the crew.

Thanks for allowing me to share with you, and I hope you find inspiration for all your creative endeavors.

Be Creative!  Be Inspired!  Be Authentic!






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  1. I loved yr polkadot chair. I bought it and fits my room very well.
    Pls check my website in case you are interested in buying some of my jewelry too,
    have a super day.

    1. Maria – I’m so glad you liked the polka dot chair. It turned out really cute. I just checked out your website, and will definitely be taking a look at what you have at A Place for Grace next time I’m in. You have beautiful pieces! I’ll have to do some shopping :-)!

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